Main particulars

Overall length 9,45 m 31′
Hull length 8,50 m 28′
Hull beam 3,08 m 10′ 2″
Draft 1,12 m 3′ 8″
Deep keel draft 1,60 m  
Airdraft 12,45 m 40′ 10″
Light weight (incl. ballast)  2150 kg
Sail area standard 46 m² 495 sg ft
Screecher sail area 42 m² 452 sq ft
CE-category               C  
Builder Alufleet, The Netherlands
Design and Naval architecture FCY Design, The Netherlands


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Zwei seelen leben in der SPEEDLOUNGER 8500: entspantes fläzen

Im riesigen Cockpit und sehr aktives Segeln mit viel Power aus dem Rigg”.


YACHTING MONTHLY:   ” The Speedlounger 8500 racer/day sailer is like Land Rover meets Back to the Future. Like nothing else”


   24. Januar 2019

” Speedlounger 8500: Das besondere Schiff
Auf verblüffende Art und Weise verbindet der Speedlounger 8500 rauen Industriecharme mit formschöner Gestalt”


  Published on Jan 23, 2019

Een vreemde eend in de bijt op Boot Düsseldorf. Niet glimmend en gepolijst, maar rauw mét luxe. Die SpeedLounger 8500 is de nieuwe aluminium dagzeiler van FCY (Fast Cruising Yachts). Een Nederlandse boot gemaakt om snel mee te varen en na afloop heerlijk te kunnen ‘loungen’ in de enorm ruime kuip.

Click here for the video of the test sailing



Introduction Speedlounger 8500

Why, you may ask, introduce another daysailer into an already crowded market ?
Well, for the most part it is in the name of the boat really. 
The combination of higher speeds and lounging in comfort in a large fine cockpit is obvious
but nevertheless unique. 
The concept is made possible by combining a modern wide beamed hull with a sturdy sailplan
and a luxurious, small but cosy interior for 2 persons to stay overnight.
To propell the boat in- and out the harbor or when no wind available, an electric motor is
installed to sail in silence and in areas where boats with a running combustion engines are not allowed.

At the same time the yard Alufleet and the design team FCY Design prefer an honest no-nonsense
boat appearance. This has resulted into not hiding-, but showing how the boat has been built.
Therefore the building material of the hull and deck is made out of sea-water resistance aluminium
plates and profiles, welded together for a solid and save boat.
This gave Alufleet, an expert in aluminium boat building, the oppertunity to expose the construction 
to the naked eye in for instance the interior in the foreship area. To avoid condensation issues on the 
plain aluminium, it is treated with Mascoat insulation-paint, still showing the building frames and plates.

Alufleet and FCY Design are proud having introduced the spectacular Speedlounger, which was characterised
by several journalists as the most innovating boat of Dusseldorf Boat show 2019 and welcomes you
to experience the unique touch of combined relaxed daysailing and lounging.

Martin de Kloet, entrepeneur who in the recent past energised the built and sales of the Midget cruiser and Efsix open sailboat and founder of Alufleet BV, is eager to enter the sailing watersport market with innovative, distinguished boats, which speaks for itself.
With the concept design of the Speedlounger of FCY Design, he saw his chance and is convinced that this design hits his goal. In close co-operation with the design office he filled in the so very important details to make the boat as practical- and easy to handle as possible.
Martin is happy to meet you on board Speedlounger to explain his motives and test-sail- and show the Speedlounger with all her possibillities.












Alufleet B.V.
Moleneind 7A
1241 NE Kortenhoef

T. +31(0)35 656 13 94

Design office
FCY Design is a co-operation since 2014 of Ben Korner, Arjen Keer and Klaas Huizinga with an objective
to design and engineer light-, fast-, innovative- and modern lined sailing boats.
Their portfolio consists of Rapid, LelieClass, Happy, Speedlounger and other exiting projects, which are on the drawing board. (see
All three members are fanatic and enthousiastic sailors, knowing that experiences during sailing in practice can never be replaced; are in fact an essential part of designing succesfully.

Ben is a sailor by heart, circumnavigated the globe with a 14m classic steel cutter and is a captain, who was a master on a number of commercial ships. Recently he owned a Class 40 regatta boat, in which he sailed several, mainly French, competitions, such as Les Sables-Horta, Normandy Channel race, Drheam Cup, Grand Prix Guyader and the Around Ireland race. 
Loaded with a bag of sailing experience, he is driven by his passion for sailing to design and built a new generation of fast monohulls.

Arjen is a very experienced boat designer, who designed and engineered the Zeeman sailing yacht
and offers different services to yards and other naval architects mainly in the field of lay-out geometry, of exterior and interior, interior design and 3D presentations. As a former mountaineer, he realises that
it is essential to make the exact right choice with every step you make. Just the quality you need 
during the narrow designpath for fast sailing boats. He is dedicated to design and engineer new innovating boats for the 21st century.

Klaas has, as a naval architect, an enormous amount of experience of very divers projects under his belt. From total design assignments for the 70m Sherakhan and 55m Gulden Leeuw to construction-, stability- and hydrodynamic drawings and calculations of the Dutch sail training vessel Urania to the design- and working drawings for the rig of the 50m Sailing Classic vessels Chronos and Rhea. 
His aim and passion is to use his creativity to design fast and innovative sailing boats with a special swing in appearance. 

FCY Design

 Beresteinseweg 116
1217TM Hilversum 
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6-51113559


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Alufleet B.V.
Moleneind 7A
1241 NE Kortenhoef

T. +31(0)35 656 13 94

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